Monday, September 28, 2009

Navaratri special

It's been a long time that I last visited my blog. Was busy with 'nav-rathri' celebrations. Had a very good time these 9 days. Each day one sundal, one sweet as neivedhyam was tooooo much of good food. Alas!!! dint get any time in clicking pics of the yummy decadent delicacies....

This is what I offered as neivedyam:

Day 1 - Semiya payasam and brown chickpeas sundal

Day 2 - Channa dal sundal

Day 3 - Kidney beans sundal

Day 4 - Green gram rice

Day 5 - Moth bean sundal

Day 6 - Sabudana payasam and sabudana khichdi

Day 7 - Sakkarai pongal

Day 8 - Sabudana and semiya payasam

Day 9 - Kesari, puri, white chickpeas sundal, potato curry

Today, I m making Paruppu vadai. As I have already posted this recipe before, I m not going to repost it.

Today, I am not going to post any food recipe, just spreading the joy of Dussehra/navaratri with all my fellow bloggers. May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga help you achieve success in whatever you do.



I think you people enjoyed Navaratri better than us. Any ways ur Kabuli chana masala seems very tasty. Without any miss i will try this on weekend.

Anu Ramesh

Navaratri was gud, im sure u also celebrated this special festival in a special way. :) Sure do try it and let me know.

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