Monday, August 31, 2009

Potato fry/ Aloo fry

Potatoes are a favourite at my home. Guess, its the same with many families. It's one vegetable, which has a huge fan following. :) I cook potatoes in many ways, this is just one of them.(Other ways will be published soon). This is one of the quickest ways of cooking potato. The best part is you dont have to boil the potato.

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.” - G.K. Chesterton
Potatoes - 2 small sliced
Chilly powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp
Coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam masala(optional)
Salt and oil as required

1. Slice the potatoes using a mandoline/potato slicer.
2. Lay the sliced potatoes in a big plate and add all the above ingredients(except oil) and mix well.

3. Once it is dried for about 10 minutes, saute it in a pan with a little oil.
4. Keep sauteing, adjust the seasonings if required. Fried potatoes will be ready in appx. 5 mins.
Serve hot with rice or roti.
This sure is an easy, zero-failure recipe. It's time saving and at the same time delicioussss. Try it, im sure you'll love it.
Happy Easy Cooking.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aloo / Potato Rice

Both me and HD prepared this on a lazy sunday afternoon. Our stomachs were growling and we wanted something asap. Thus, the idea of aloo rice was conceived. Though I was skeptical initially, the final product was simply supberbbbbbbbb.

Potatoes - 2(peeled and cut in cubes)
Onion - 1/2 finely chopped
Rice - 2 cups
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Chilli powder - 1 tsp
Salt and Oil as required

1. Heat oil in the pressure cooker, add cumin seeds and stir well.
2. Add onions and saute for few minutes. Once the onions turn brown, add the potatoes and stir well.
3. Add salt, chilli powder, turmeric and coriander powders and cook till the raw smell goes.
4. Add the rice and saute for a minute.
5. Pour 4 cups water and pressure cook for 3 whistles.Serve hot with raita or chutney.

Health Quotient:
Rice is high in complex carbohydrates, contains almost no fat, is cholesterol free, and is low in sodium, unless you add salt to the cooking water. Generally all rice - both brown and white - is considered a good source of vitamins and minerals. Although almost all the nutrients are stripped from white rice when the bran layer is removed during milling, ninety percent of all American grown rice is enriched with thiamine, niacin and iron and in some instances riboflavin, Vitamin D and Calcium. White rice because it is enriched has more iron and thiamine than brown rice. Brown rice has five times more Vitamin E and three times more magnesium. Brown rice provides twice as much fiber as white rice, but it is not an especially rich source of fiber. On the other hand, rice bran alone is an excellent source of fiber. Rice is a fair source of protein containing all eight essential amino acids. It is low in the amino acid lysine, which is found in beans making the classic combination of rice and beans, popularly known as complimentary proteins, a particularly healthful dish. Rice is gluten free and easily digestible making it a good choice for infants and people with wheat allergies or digestive problems. A half cup of cooked white rice provides 82 calories; an equal amount of brown rice provides 89 calories. To know more click here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kaara Kozhukattai

My MIL gave me the recipe for Kaara Kozkukattai. They make it every year for Ganesh Chaturthi. This accompanied with a sundal has been the evening tiffin for Ganesh Chaturthi since ages. I dint want to disappoint my hubby this year, so made the same.

Here comes my MIL's recipe.

Rice - 2 cups
Onion - 1 finely chopped
Red chillies - 10 chopped finely
Channa dal - 1 Tsp
Urad dal - 1/2 Tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Coconut - 1/2 cup shredded(dry/fresh)
Salt and oil as per taste

1. Soak the rice for 2 hours.
2. Grind the rice in a mixer/blender.
3. In a pan, heat oil and add the mustard seeds.
4. When the mustards splutter, add red chillies channa dal and urad dal and saute for a couple of minutes.
5. Add onions and saute till its brown in colour.
6. Pour the rice batter and add salt.
7. Keep stirring continously till the batter has a thick consistency like a dough.
8. Remove from heat and let it cool for 10 minutes.
9. Apply oil to your hands and make round balls with the rice dough. Shape it either length wise or make round balls.
10. In a idli cooker/pressure cooker, steam the kozhukattais. If using pressure cooker, do not use weight. Pressure cook it for 10 minutes.
Serve hot with coconut chutney.

Health Quotient:
Festival time is no time for healthyyy info.. at least in our house.. This is the time to have some fun, and what better way than food.. (especially for foodies like me.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Potato Cabbage kofta curry

I thought this was a very difficult recipe, until i made it today. It's one of the easiest dishes which many of us are not aware of. Once the koftas are made, the curry is ready in a jiffy. Amazing, isnt it... I have made a simpler version of the kofta curry, which is tasty and at the same time is not overly 'rich'. You dont need a special occassion to make this kofta curry. All the ingredients will be available in your kitchen.

For Kofta:
Cabbage - 1/2 finely chopped/grated
Potatoes - 1 big boiled and smashed
Besan/gram flour - 1 Tbsp
Red chilly powder - 1 tsp
Salt and oil as required

For Gravy:
Curd - 1/2 cup
Onions - 1 finely chopped
Tomato - 1 finely chopped or pureed
Cumin seeds/jeera - 1 tsp
Coriander power - 1 tsp
Chilly powder - 2 tsps
Garam masala(optional)
Salt and oil as required.


1. Boil the grated cabbage in water. Add little salt and water should be just enough till it covers the cabbage. Remove from heat once the cabbage is soft, this will take appx. 5-7 minutes.

2। Filter the cabbage using a colander and transfer the cabbage to a muslin cloth. Squeeze out to remove the excess water.

3. In a bowl, add the cabbage, potato, salt and chilly powder and mix well. Sprinkle the besan little at a time and mix well. You can make round koftas and place it on a plate.

4. Heat oil in a kadhai, and fry the koftas till they turn brown. Place the koftas in a tissue paper to soak excess oil.

5. In a pan, add little oil and the cumin seeds. Saute for a minute and add the onions.

6. Once the onions turn brown, add tomatoes and saute for 2 minutes.

7. Add chilly powder, coriander powder, garam masala(optional) and saute till the raw smell goes.

8. Pour 2 cups water and let it boil.

9. Beat the curd and pour it when the water is boiling. Stir well for a minute.

10. Add the koftas and let the curry simmer for few minutes.

11. Remove from heat once the koftas are soaked well in the curry.

Serve hot with roti, puri or naan.

Health Quotient:

Cabbage and potaoes together have all the nutrients required for maintaining optimal health. If potatoes add weight, cabbage negates it, as it is a very good vegetable for weight loss. This is one good combination you can try anytime. Try these as a vegetable curry, or make a aloo gobi paratha, if nothing else works, then atleast try these as koftas. Bet you'll love these as much as I do.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Spicy Mushroom masala / Kaalan masala

Many people consider mushroom as a non vegetarian food. No matter how much you convince them, they will not indulge this healthy treat. For those who consider mushrooms as non vegetarian food, I suggest a simple search in wikipedia on mushrooms. People who relish this can go ahead to the mushroom masala recipe...

Wisdom stands at the turn in the road and calls upon us publicly, but we consider it false and despise its adherents. - Kahlil Gibran

1 pack Mushroom - 500 gms appx
Onion - 1 cut lengthwise
Tomato - 1 medium sized
Garlic - 5 pods crushed

Coriander Powder
Turmeric Powder
Chilly Powder
Chicken masala
Salt and oil as required

1. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and urad dal and let it splutter.
2. Add crushed garlic and saute till it turns light brown. Add onions and fry for 5-7 minutes.
3. Now add the tomato and stir well. Add mushrooms and saute for 5 minutes. Cover it with a lid for another 3 minutes on low flame.
4. Add the masalas and salt and stir until the raw smell goes.
5. Add a cup of water and stir well. Cover with the lid for 5 minutes or till the mushrooms are cooked.

Serve hot with roti or chappati.

Health Quotient:
Mushrooms are very low in saturated fat and contain no cholestrol. Have a good amount of dietary fiber, iron, Vitamin C and zinc.

In 2009, a large case-control study of woman, revealed that women who consumed mushrooms had approximately 50% lower incidence of breast cancer, while those who consumed mushrooms and green tea had a 90% lower incidence.
Source : wikipedia

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Had to make this on Ganesh Chaturthi to please my favorite God. The first attempt (morning)was a small success, but the second attempt(evening) was a major hit with hubby and friends.


Rice flour - 1 cup
Milk - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Water - 1 1/2 cup

Shredded coconut - 1 cup
Brown sugar - 1/2 cup
Sesame seeds - 1 tsp
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Oil/ghee as required

1. Heat the ghee in a pan, add water, salt and milk.
2. Once the water comes to a boil, add little flour at a time and stir well. Stirring continously avoids the lump formation.
3. Remove from heat when the flour is mixed well with the water. Let it cool for sometime.
4. In the meantime, in another pan, pour oil, add the coconut, and stir for a minute.
5. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well. Do this for 2 minutes or until the mixture is cooked. Avoid over stirring this mixture, or else the sugar will caramalise and the filling will become hard.
6. Make a small round ball of the rice flour mixture, add little coconut filling and shape it either round, or triangular(traditional way). Repeat the same with the remaining flour and filling.
Note: Apply some oil to your hands before making the balls. To make perfect modaks, flatten the rice flour with your palms evenly, add little filling in the center and pull all the edges together to seal it. Alternatively, you can use your thumb and forefinger to get the shape. Moulds are available in the market to make this job easier.
7. Place the kozkukattai in a greased idli plate and steam in idli cooker/pressure cooker. If using pressure cooker, dont use the weight.
Serve hot.

Health Quotient:
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, well, coconut, is very good in destroying intestinal parasites, that we get from eating infected food. Coconut water is good for kidney and urinary bladder problems. Coconut milk has been found to help cases of sore throat as well as relieving stomach ulcers.

Try these kozhukattais to please one and all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Celery Egg Bhurji

This is another innovative recipe. We had to come up with something to eat the celery. Teamed it up with other 'salad' veggies, got bored of it. It's always good to experiment with cooking, cos you never know something you cooked might turn out to be your favorite. Keep trying with your cooking, cos only when you do, you learn to cook.

Try and fail, but don't fail to try - Stephen Kaggwa

Celery - 1 cup finely chopped
Eggs - 3
Onion - 1/2 finely chopped
Green chillies - 5 finely chopped
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 Tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder - 1 tsp(optional)
Salt as per taste
Oil - 2 Tsp

1. Heat the oil, add mustard seeds. Once it splutters add cumin seeds and saute for a minute.
2. Add the green chillies and onion and saute till the onion is translucent.
3. Add the CTC powders, salt and stir till the raw smell goes.
4. Add Celery and let it ooze out excess water. Keep stirring every couple of minutes.
5. Beat 3 eggs and keep stirring. Eggs will cook with the celery water.
Serve hot as a snack, or an accompaniment to chappati.

Tip : You can add tomato sauce or buffalo sauce to add more flavours.

Note : You can add more salt and chilly powder and/or green chilly, as celery oozes out lot of water.

Healthy Quotient:

Celery is loaded with nutrients, plus its low in saturated fat and very low in cholestrol.

Eggs are a good source of protiens.

Lemon Rice

This is an easy one, but I learnt it from HD. I was little apprehensive of this before, now this has become one of my favorites.
It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. - Agnes

Rice - 1 cup
Juice of a big lemon
Red chillies - 5
Channa dal - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Peanuts - 1 tsp
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida - as per taste
Salt as per taste
Oil - 1 Tsp

1. Cook rice and set aside.
2. In a small pan, heat oil and add mustard seeds.
3. Once they splutter, add red chillies, and saute till they turn brownish black.
4. Add channa dal, urad dal and peanuts and saute for a minute or till the peanuts are cooked.
5. Add asafoetida, turmeric powder and mix well.
6. Add the lemon juice and saute for 2 mins.
7. Remove from heat and mix with the rice.
Serve hot with pickle or chutney.

Health Quotient:
Low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium
High in Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Iron among others

Lemons are ideal for maintaining an optimum health and weight loss.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beans Sambar

I could have never thought of making a sambar with beans. This is made by Aunty today. Aunty is HD's colleague's mom. She came home and made this yummy beans sambar. It was a good learning for me. She made this sambar from scratch... in just 30 minutes or less.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. - Buddha

For Sambar powder:
Dry red chillies - 7
Chana dal - 1 Tsp
Coriander seeds(dhania) - 1 Tsp
Cumin seeds(jeera) - 1 Tsp
Fenugreek seeds(methi/vendhiyam) - 1/2 Tsp

Other Ingredients:

Tuvar Dal - 1 cup
Garlic - 5 cloves
Beans - 1/2 cup
Onion - 1/4 cup
Tomato - 1/2
Green chilly - 3
Tamarind pulp - 1 Tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Asafoetida powder(hing/peringayam) - 1/2 tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil as required

1. Pressure cook the dal, garlic cloves and asafoetida powder with 2 cups of water for 2 whistles.
2. In a wok, add very little oil, add all the sambar powder ingredients(in the order given) and saute it for a minute. Grind these and keep aside.
3. In another pan, pour 2 tsp oil(or more as required), add mustard seeds, let it splutter.
4. Add the curry leaves and saute for a minute. Add onion and beans. Saute till the onions and beans are semi cooked.
5. Add the tomato and saute for a couple of minutes. Add the freshly made sambhar powder and saute for a minute. Pour 4 cups of water and let it simmer.
6. Add the dal and let it simmer for some more time. Cover with a lid and let it boil.
7. Once the beans is cooked, pour the tamarind pulp and let it simmer for another 5 minutes.
Serve with idli, dosa, vada or rice.
Health Quotient:
Beans contain no cholesterol, and they can help lower your cholesterol level because they are one of the richest sources of fiber! They are also loaded with many nutrients, Vitamin A, K , iron, potassium to name a few.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aloo Palak Rice/Potato Spinach Rice

You got it right. It is aloo palak rice. Well, not many like palak and many like potato. This recipe is just a way to make people eat spinach. Potato makes this palak rice more yummy.
If all our likes were similar, individuality wouldnt exist. - Anonymous.

Rice - 2 cup
Potato - 1 medium sized boiled and chopped
Spinach - 1 1/2 cup
Onion - 1/2 chopped lenghtwise
Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chilly powder - 1 Tsp
Coriander powder - 1 Tsp
Garam masala - 1/2 Tsp
salt as per taste
Oil - for frying

1. Cook rice with 4 cups water and set aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds. Once it splutters, add cumin seeds.
3. Add ginger garlic paste and saute well. Stir fry until onion becomes translucent.
4. Add chilly powder, coriander powder and garam masala and stir well for 2 minutes.
5. Add the potato and stir for 2 minutes. Now add spinach and stir every 2 minutes till cooked.
6. Remove from heat. Add rice and mix well. Close the lid and let it sit for 3 minutes.
Serve hot with curd and pickle.

Health Quotient:
Spinach is a health food par excellence. Spinach is loaded with many antioxidants an minerals. Though many people dont like it, its one of the healthiest vegetables.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Oats Roti/chappati

It's a 100% oats roti. Never experimented much with oats. Ran out of wheat flour, had to cook something for the palak sabzi. Oats came in handy.

Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage. - Jawaharlal Nehru.

Oats - 3 cup
Onion - 1 finely chopped
Cumin Seeds - 1 Tsp
Coriander powder - 1 Tsp
Chilly powder - 1 Tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil - 1 Tsp
1. Grind the oats in the mixer. Do not add water.
2. In a pan, heat oil and add cumin seeds. Saute till you get the aroma.
3. Add onion, chilly powder, coriander powder and salt. Saute till onion is translucent.
4. Add this mixture in the oats four. After 5 minutes, mix the onion and flour well.
5. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Now add very little water and knead the dough.
6. Make small balls and roll it like a chappati. Use wheat flour while rolling.
7. Heat the griddle. Put the oats chappati gently and let it cook for a minute on both sides. Cook for another minute if not cooked well. Apply little oil on both sides if required.

Serve hot with any side dish.

Health Quotient:
Oats, well, we all are hooked to it for healthy reasons. Need I say more.
This is just another way of enjoying your healthy oats.


Tried this on Janmashtami. Outcome: looks werent appealing, but it tasted yummy. It's made of milk. Making kalakand is a time consuming process, but its worth the effort.

Unless you change how you are,you will always have what you've got. - Jim Rohn

Milk - 2 litres/1 gallon
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1 cup
Butter/Ghee - 1 Tsp
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp

Optional Ingredients:
Silver foil

1. In a wide bottomed pan, pour half the milk. When it comes to a boil add add the lemon juice. Remove from heat. Sieve the channa using a muslin cloth to press out excess outer. You can do this by placing some weight on the chenna.
2. Dont knead the chenna, or else the kalakand will become hard.
3. Pour the remaining milk in another pan and boil it to half.
4. Add the chenna and boil till the mixture thickens. Keep Stirring continously.
5. Once it thickens well, add the sugar and stir well.
6. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens. Once this is achieved, set it in a greased plate/tray and apply silver foil(optional). Sprinkle finely chopped almonds and pistachios.

Serve hot or refigerate it and serve with an icecream.

Health Quotient:
Do I need to write this? Guess, I have to. Kalakand is loaded with calories, cholestrol etc. The plus point is its high in protiens..

Dont think, its festival time, go ahead and indulge yourself. Make sure to hit the gym or go for a walk to burn the calories.
Happy cooking.

Uppu Seedai

Yes this post is late for Janamashtami. Made seedai for the first time on janmashtami, it came out much better than expected. I got this recipe from my MIL and she was very happy with the results. My husband warned me about the small explosions that occur while frying the seedai, nonetheless I went ahead with the seedai. Started frying the seedai, no explosions whatsoever. HD wanted to help me, so when he started frying the last round of seedai, there was this big explossssssssionnnnnnn which I witnessed for the first time. All the oil was spilled out on the stove and the exhaust fan. :( But we were lucky to have survived the 'explosion'. I think the explosions were caused due to the cracks in the seedai. I rolled them well making sure there are no cracks, but at the end I was hurrying up, so might have not rolled some well enough. This is just my assumption about the seedai explosion. If anyone knows the root cause of the explosion, please let me know, it will be a good help to all of us making seedai next time.


Rice flour - 2 1/2 cups
Urad dal flour - 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds/jeera- 1 tsp
Sesame seeds/yellu/til - 2 tsp
Asofoetida/hing - 1/4 tsp
Salt and Oil as required

1. Soak the rice for 30 minutes and dry it on a cloth for 10 minutes. Dry grind it and sieve it.
2. Dry roast the urad dal for 5 minutes till it turns golden brown. Once it cools, dry grind.
3. Mix all the ingredients(except oil), add little water at a time to make a soft dough.
4. Make round balls apprx the size of a marble and place it in a dry cloth or tissue paper.
5. Fry a handful at a time on medium to low heat till they turn yellow or brown. Once the seedais are cooked, the bubbles will disappear and the seedais will float up on the oil.
Store it in air tight containers.

Uppu seedai is a good munch which pleases the Lord Krishna. After eating the seedai, you'll know why Lord Krishna has chosen Seedai as a offering to him. Still guessing... try this recipe and you'll know. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Onion Parantha

Wowwwwww, this is what HD said when he tasted it. Same opinion was shared by some friends after tasting this yummy onion paratha. This recipe is special, because its more of an innovation, no matter how small it may be.

"If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative.” - Woody Allen.

2 onions finely chopped
3 cups wheat flour
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)
1 tsp carom seeds(ajwain)
1-2 tsp chilly powder
salt as per taste
Oil for frying


1. In a pan, heat oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, carom seeds and let it splutter.
2. Add onions and saute till it turns translucent. Ensure not to fry till brown.
3. Add all the remaining ingredients and fry till the raw smell goes.
4. Add the onion mix to the wheat flour. Mix well with the flour. Set aside for 15 mins.
5. Add water and knead the dough well.
6. Make round balls of equal size and roll them.
7. Heat the frying pan/tawa, cook the parathas on both sides for a minute. Add oil if required.

1.You can use any add some more masalas to it, like chaat masala, goda masala, garam masala to enhance the taste and flavours.
2.If the onions are not cooked completely, they will ooze out water in the dough, so make sure it is translucent.
3.Overcooked onions will become sweet, in this case increase the quantity of chilly powder as per taste.
4. Dont leave the kneaded dough to rest for long, as onions tend to ooze out water.

Health Quotient:

Onions are very low in saturated fat, cholestrol and sodium. Also a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. Onions aid in weight loss, asthma, and many more ailments.

Do try this recipe and share your experience.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

kaala chana wheat upma / Konda kadalai godamai upma

Sounds weird.. trust me you'll love it.
It's healthy and at the same time easy. Makes the otherwise boring godamai upma look appealing and tempting. Love the color combo - brown and dark brown, resembles chocolate chips in a cookie. :) This is a favorite. Sure your family will love it too. Try and let me know.

When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy - Chinese proverb.

2 cups broken wheat
3/4 cup kaala chana soaked overnight and boiled
5 dried red chillies
1/2 tsp cumin seeds/jeera
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 - 1 tsp chilly powder
1 small onion finely chopped
salt to taste

1. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Once it splutters, add cumin seeds and saute.
2. Add the red chillies and once it changes color, add the the onions.
3. Saute the onions till they become translucent. Add the chilly powder and salt to taste.
4. Once the raw smell vanishes, add the kaala chana and saute well till it blends well with the onion paste.
5. Pour 4 cups water. When this comes to a boil, add the broken wheat.
6. Keep stirring frequently till the upma is done.

Health Quotient:
Kaala chana also known as garbanzo or black chickpea are high in dietary fiber, protein and manganese. They have no cholestrol whatsoever, very low in sodium and saturated fat.

Vathal Kuzhambu

Hmmmm, is Kuzhambu right or kulambu? Guess it depends which way you want to pronounce, or rather how you 'can' pronounce. I find it difficult to say pa'zh'am, often say 'palam'. People always laugh at the incorrect pronunciation. Wish people had the patience and courtesy to correct me, my tamizh would have been more pleasant. But HD is encouraging, as usual, :) and is trying to teach me 'zh' sound. Ohh, must say, he's quite good at it. Being a quick learner, especially languages, im picking it up. Too much bragging for today.. ;P

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward.

Tamarind - 1 lemon sized soaked in 2 cups warm water(an hour)
Garlic - 8-10 cloves
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
Fried Sundakkai/Manathakkali/vendakkai/other vegetable - a handful
Salt and oil as required.
Gingelly oil - 1 Tsp

To grind:
Red chilly - 7
Pepper - 1 tsp
Fenugreek seeds/vendhiyam - 1 tsp
Cumin seeds/jeera - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 Tsp
Chana dal/kadala parappu - 1 Tsp
Coriander seeds - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 sprig

1. Sieve the tamarind juice and set aside.
2. Heat little oil in a pan and add all the ingredients under 'to grind' and saute well.
3. Once it cools, using a mixer or grinder, grind well without using water
4. Heat oil in a pan, add the garlic saute for a minute, then add fried sundakkai/vendakkai/or any other vegetable and saute well.
5. Add turmeric, salt and saute for another 2 minutes.
6. Add the tamarind juice and let it boil. When it comes to a boil, add the ground ingredients and let it boil.
7. The tamarind juice will thicken once it boils. Switch off the gas when the desired consistency is achieved.
8. Pour the gingelly oil on the kuzhambu and cover it with a lid.

Serve with rice and papad.

Health Information:
Sundakkai/Turkey Berry is good for health. Please click
here to get more info.

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