Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas and New Year Cake

Had a very good time during Christmas and New Year. Hubby's cousin Dr. R and wife Dr. D had  visited us and we all had a guudddddddddd time(would like to presume :) ). D is a good cook and I assisted her in making the cakes.
We brought store made cake mix and with few modifications, made the cake even more tastier.
The  first cake for Christmas was Double Chocolate Fudge.The recipe called for 1 eggs, vegetable oil and water. We substituted vegetable oil with applesauce and added almonds and cashews(
D's suggestion). It was a wonderful treat for us and our friends. Take a look at the cake.

The second cake, is a Chocolate Caramel Cake. This one came with two pouches, one cake flour and the other caramel syrup. Again we use applesauce and almonds. Pouring the caramel on the cake was a tedious task, which D managed very well. This cake was yum  too. Have a look.



The cake looks yami.

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