Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Award and ....

Yes, I received an award from Vicky of Viki's kitchen. Vicky needs no introduction from me. Her cooking skills are well known(very famous blogger) in the blogging world. She is so generous in gifting me this award and appreciating my cooking.. It's really a great honour to get an award from an experienced cook like her. Vicky's blog has a good collection of veg and non-veg cusinie. All those non-veg fans, you know what to type to find a NV recipe.

My friend Krishnasri, will also be blogging with me starting today. She is a very good cook and excels in preparing all kinds of cuisines. Her love for cooking started when she was in 8th standard. So you see, she has lot of experience.. and has tried, tested and tasted many recipes. Im so happy to welcome Krishnasri in this blogging world again.



Congrats on received an award from Vicky of Viki's kitchen. I also tried to prepare some of items from ur blog. Some times i got success and some time.......................

Viki's Kitchen

Thanks Anu for accepting the well deserved award. No need to say , you are a great cook as well as a wonderful person.... Thanks for the intro on me da...I 'm blushing while reading this post:) Actually I started to cook at a very age , as my mom got sick....and now I am trying to make her evergreen through her recipes n blog.
Liked your gesture on introducing your friend to the bloggers. Hearty welcome to Krishnasri too.


hey! congrats dear.. :) -- Hema

Malar Gandhi

Hi Anu,

Congrats on the award. Viki is my best friend:) And I am looking forward to see you girls rock in the kitchen...Happy blogging to Anu and Krishnasri.:)

B/n...about kitchen mishaps event, thanks for the compliments, dear and I wish you send ur entry too...hmmm pictures are not mandatory, just the anecdote will do.


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